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EFF: Dangers of Trump’s Executive Order Explained

Dangers of Trump’s Executive Order Explained The inaptly named Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship (EO) is a mess on many levels: it’s likely unconstitutional on several grounds, built on false premises, and bad policy to boot. We are no fans of the way dominant social media platforms moderate user content. But the EO, and its clear intent to retaliate against Twitter for marking the president’s tweets for fact-checking, demonstrates that governmental mandates are the wrong way to address concerns about faulty moderation practices. The EO contains several key provisions. We will examine them in separate posts linked here: 1. The FCC rule-making provision 2. The misinterpretation of and attack on Section 230 3. Threats to pull government advertising 4. Review of unfair or deceptive practices. Although we will focus on the intended legal consequences of the EO, we must also acknowledge the danger the Executive Order poses even if it is just political theater an

Love Quote of the Day

"When a woman is talking to you, listen to what she says with her eyes." - Victor Hugo

Quote of the Day

"Things start out as hopes and end up as habits." - Lillian Hellman

Nature Quote of the Day

"All things are artificial, for nature is the art of God." - Thomas Browne

EFF: Black Lives Matter, Online and in the Streets: Statement from EFF in the Wake of the Police Killings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd

Black Lives Matter, Online and in the Streets: Statement from EFF in the Wake of the Police Killings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd Black lives matter on the streets. Black lives matter on the Internet.  EFF stands with the communities mourning the victims of police homicide. We stand with the protesters who are plowed down by patrol cars. We stand with the journalists placed in handcuffs or fired upon while reporting these atrocities. And we stand with all those using their cameras, phones and digital tools to make sure we cannot turn away from the truth. There is no doubt that we are in deeply troubled times. From lockdown in our homes, many of us are watching with heart-stopping horror as the cellphone footage of extreme police violence washes down our feeds. Others feel compelled to join the protests in person and to bear witness and document it for the rest of us over the digital networks that connect us all. The president is sowing chaos through incendiary, authoritaria

Netflix : Les séries post-apocalyptiques doivent-elles nous alarmer sur l'avenir ?

Les séries post-apocalyptiques doivent-elles tirer la sonnette d'alarme sur l'avenir ou être considérées comme de pures fictions divertissantes ?  Lire l'article complet par ici from melty - Séries via IFTTT

SpaceX 'stowaway' revealed by crew as sons' dinosaur toy 'Tremor'

A stowaway aboard SpaceX's first mission to launch astronauts to the International Space Station may have set a new record — the most sequins to enter Earth orbit. from via IFTTT

Réseau 5G : déploiement, fonctionnement, usages et smartphones compatibles

C'est cette année que le déploiement de cette nouvelle génération de réseau mobile va commencer. Elle apporte avec elle un certain nombre de changements technologiques, mais aussi de nouveaux usages. Voici notre dossier complet sur la 5G pour tout savoir et tout comprendre sur son déploiement. La 5G débarque en France en 2020 et promet de bouleverser nos usages en mobilité. C’est un sujet crucial pour bien comprendre les changements technologiques à venir. Avec ce dossier complet, vous aurez toutes les réponses à vos questions concernant la 5G : fréquences, déploiement en France, usages, etc. Tout comprendre en vidéo Lien YouTube Qu’est-ce que la 5G ? La 5G, ou 5G NR (New Radio) est, comme son nom l’indique, la 5e génération de communications mobiles qui va donc succéder à la 4G LTE, et avant elle la 3G et la 2 G. Parmi les promesses phares de la 5G on retrouve d’abord un débit multiplié par 10, mais aussi une latence fortement réduite qui serait, elle, divisée par 10. De

What to expect from the next generation of Android phone processors

Arm has revealed its latest crop of CPUs and GPUs, set to be used in Android phone processors later this year and in 2021. From Qualcomm and Huawei to Samsung and MediaTek, we’re expecting all the major silicon players to use the new tech. Speaking of these chip companies, what should we expect from them and the mobile SoC industry at large next year? A massive leap in CPU power (for some) The next generation of Android processors could see the biggest CPU performance leap in quite some time, as the new Cortex-X1 Arm CPU prioritizes power over efficiency. This strategy means you can expect a power increase of up to 30% compared to the Cortex-A77 used in Qualcomm, Samsung, and MediaTek’s flagship chipsets. In fact, the Cortex-X1 is expected to be up to 23% more powerful than the Cortex-A78 , announced alongside the X1. Arm has stated that the Cortex-X1 might only be available to specific chipset makers, meaning some chip brands might be left without the hefty CPU. So expect a r

SpaceX's 1st Crew Dragon with astronauts docks at space station in historic rendezvous

SpaceX's first crewed Dragon capsule slid into its dock on the International Space Station successfully today, concluding a 31-hour voyage to orbit for two veteran NASA astronauts. from via IFTTT

This week in Android: RIP LG G series, Xiaomi Mi 10 review, Galaxy S20 giveaway

RIP LG G series LG isn’t as much of a powerhouse in the Android phone market as they used to be. They’re still one of the top players, but their strategies and offerings have not propelled them into the lead. They obviously believe it’s time for a change, hence, we get to say goodbye to the G Series devices . That’s a long line of devices that shook the market in the early days, and maintained some of the best mobile audio offerings in the latter years.  LG maintained a lead in mobile audio by not only keeping the headphone jack on most devices, but also including their Quad DAC on many phones. Over-simplifying things, the Quad DAC enables LG devices to drive some serious headphones, the kinds of cans that other phones require an external amp to manage, making the LG G and V series phones ideal for wired headphone fans. If you’ve jumped on the Bluetooth headphone bandwagon, LG’s Quad DAC technology is not an advantage for you. LG does well with Bluetooth audio, but with the incr

French Days : du Galaxy S10 au Roborock S5 Max, voici les meilleures promotions proposées par Cdiscount

Pour les French Days, Cdiscount baisse le prix d'une sélection variée de produits. Parmi les meilleures offres se trouvent le Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, le Samsung Galaxy S10 ou encore le Dyson V8 Parquet. French Days oblige, Cdiscount se plie à la tradition en proposant une belle sélection de produits en promotion. Nous vous avons extrait les cinq meilleures offres, celles qui méritent le plus votre argent. Le Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro à 369 euros Le Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro est l’un des meilleurs flagship killer de 2019. Pour un prix contenu, il propose un processeur haut de gamme (le Snapdragon 855), un design premium et un écran AMOLED de 6,39 pouces de qualité. La particularité de ce téléphone se situe au niveau de la caméra selfie : elle est logée dans un mécanisme pop-up qui permet ainsi de profiter de tout l’écran sans aucun poinçon ni encoche. Enfin, le Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro dispose d’une excellente autonomie, ainsi que d’une charge rapide pouvant aller jusqu’à 30 watts avec le bloc secteur adapté.